Smart cushion for lower back pain - Office Chairs & Cars

Natural relief for lower back pain - Office Chairs & Cars

Why Chose Ease Cushion?

Does sitting all day get tiring & uncomfortable? Then Ease Cushion is for you!

as Proven and tested by us air force research lab

Improves blood flow, comfort & endurance.


Wonderful! I loved it! I was able to drive over eight hundred miles without feeling the ache.


...I was skeptical that it would really work for me...I thought I would have to take several breaks to deal with the muscle spams that happen in my back all the time... I did not get sore or tired after the 4 hour trip and for me that was awesome. If you have to sit for long periods of time I would highly suggest looking into getting one.

Best seat cushion for long haul truck seat. Alternating massage  seat cushion.

Proudly designed and assembled in the USA 

Ease Cushion® uses software-driven HAPT® technology to redistribute pressure and provide relief from pain and discomfort due to periods of sitting.

How It Works