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🌟 The all-new Ease Cushion. All of the features in our old cushions, now at a lower price.

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Transform your wheelchair experience today with Ease Cushion—where comfort meets innovation.

Welcome to a new era of comfort and wellness. Ease Cushion is meticulously engineered to revolutionize the way you sit, move, and live. Leveraging state-of-the-art Horizontal Alternating Pressure Technology (HAPT) proven to improve blood flow, this cushion is designed to be more than just a seat. It's your everyday companion for a more comfortable and healthier life. 


About Ease Cushion®

Registered with FDA for prevention & treatment of pressure/bed sores

Ease Cushion® uses software-driven HAPT™ technology to offload pressure and provides relief from pain and discomfort. Prevents bottoming out and provides automatic lifts and shifts.

Ease Cushion® - easecushion
Ease Cushion® Sale price$449.00 Regular price$649.00
Ease Cushion® - easecushion
Ease Cushion® Sale price$449.00 Regular price$649.00

Ease Cushion

HAPT Technology

Advanced Pressure Redistribution with Postural Management

Contoured Foam Base

Postural support, Impact and Vibration Dampening, Durability Tested up to 350lbs

Bluetooth Enabled

Yes, use our app for more features (optional)

Waterproof Incontinence Cover


Firmness Settings

Automatic (Customizable with Ease Cushion App)

Cycle Speed Settings

Every 1 minute (Customizable with Ease Cushion App)




12 hours


12 months

Included in the box



User Manual

Control your comfort with the app

Download the Ease Cushion app on the app store and connect to your Ease Cushion via your phone’s Bluetooth.

*Access to the app will be available upon delivery of the product

HAPT Ease Cushion

See HAPT technology at work

Our cushion inflates and deflates at alternating intervals to best keep your blood moving and prevent pressure sores.

FDA registered for preventing pressure sores

Restores blood flow

Offloads pressure

Simulates lifts and shifts

Prevents skin breakdown

Redistributes weight

Ease Cushion

Massage Chair

Air/Gel Cushion

We're Giving Back

A portion of proceeds from each sale goes toward providing cushions to non profit organizations dedicated to those helping with a spinal cord injury.

You're not just choosing comfort for yourself — you're giving hope and relief to someone with a spinal cord injury. Together we can make a difference, one cushion at a time.