Is Ease Cushion Right For Me?

When moving is not an option, Ease Cushion® moves for you. Designed to address the most important reason for pressure sores - lack of movement. Ease cushion creates movement beneath the user to improve blood flow. From people in wheelchairs to those res, Ease helps in preventing pressure sores and maximizing your independence.

Ease helps people in wheelchairs live life without the worry of pressure sores.

  • Smart technology automatically pumps air so you don't have to think about it.

  • A long battery life (13 hours) to allow you to take on they day without worrying about your next charge.

  • Adjust the settings of your cushion to be tailored to your needs and comfort (essential model only)

Ease lets caretakers focus on the things that matter.

  • Set it and forget it. Ease cushion has a long battery life (13 hours) and automatically cycles.

  • Alarms for low pressure and low battery so you don't need to keep checking.

  • Modular electronics allow for quick changes / replacements without having to replace the entire Ease Seating System.

Sit better with Ease Cushion®

  • Scott Fedor

    "I wish I had found the Ease Cushion sooner"

  • Ellie

    "This cushion has change my life. No more worrying about my cushion popping!"

  • Jaque

    "Ease cushion has saved my butt, quite literally!"

  • Amanda Perla

    "I really really love the concept of this cushion."

  • Dr. Shane I. (M.D)

    Certified Wound Care Physician

    "I have not had an ulcer since getting my Ease Cushion."