Ease Cushion® has been thoroughly tested by ourselves and the U.S.A Air Force.

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U.S Air Force Research

The U.S. Air Force conducted a study on various cushions for use by their pilots when flying.

Ease cushion tested best for:

Reduced buttocks firmness

Increased thigh leg comfort

Decreased impact from vibrations

Reduced back firmness

The Ease Cushion® is the only alternating pressure cushion to be used in F-15 and B2 Bomber ejection seats.

"[Ease cushion is] the most viable option for modification to improve the physical endurance of pilots."

U.S. Air Force Research Lab

Our Research

We conducted a survey amongst our customers to see how effective Ease Cushion® was in treating their pressure sores.

Pressure sore stage before using ease cushion

Pressure sore stage after using ease cushion


All respondents reported their sores were healed or managed.

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Ease cushion is effective because it addresses the root cause of pressure injury and discomfort: lack of movement