Waterproof Cover for Ease Cushion®

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The Cover for Ease Cushion® is a must-have additional accessory. Made with high-quality fabrics & electronics for durability, this cover is the perfect layer of protection to help keep your cushion clean and comfortable.

  • 🔍 Enhanced Cushion Cover: Elevate your Ease Cushion experience with our specially designed covers. 🛡️
  • Durable & Hygienic: Made with premium materials to ensure longevity and cleanliness.
  • 🔘 Integrated Silicone Switch: Seamlessly adjust your settings without needing to access the main unit.
  • 💧 Waterproof Protection: Spills or incontinence? We've got your cushion protected.
  • 🔄 Easy to Replace: Swap out your cover effortlessly, ensuring continuous comfort and utility.
  • 🧼 Washable: Keep it fresh with easy-to-clean materials, ensuring long-lasting hygiene and appeal. Follow instructions on cover labels.