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Download the Ease Cushion app on the app store and connect to your Ease Cushion via your phone’s Bluetooth.

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How the Ease Cushion 
prevents pressure sores

How the Ease Cushion prevents pressure sores

Ease Cushion is a Class II medical device registered with the FDA for the prevention and treatment of decubitus ulcers/pressure sores.

Lack of movement = pressure sores

The root cause of pressure sores is a lack of movement. This constant pressure in one location prevents proper blood flow to the area.

Ease creates movement for you

The Ease Cushion intermittently redistributes pressure and keeps the seating surface moving. This simulates lifting the body to promote blood flow.

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Enjoy your day worry free

Ease Cushion automatically cycles, meaning you don’t have to worry about your cushion as you go about the day.

No more pressure sores

The dynamic action of the Ease Cushion restores the movement your body needs to increase blood flow and keep your skin healthy.

"Made it possible to keep running my business."

My name is Bentley from Maysville Georgia. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2012, which put me in this power chair. The chair came with a static cushion which of course caused a pressure sore the first year. After some internet searching I purchased an Ease alternating air cushion. My ease cushion has made it possible for me to stay actively involved in my antique car business. I am very thankful for the Folks at Ease who have always been very supportive and attentive to all of my seating needs. Thanks Ease!

— Bentley, Verified Buyer

"No ulcers in 10 years since Ease"

As a former wound care physician, I know about ulcer staging. I had 3 stage 2 ulcers in 5 years prior to getting the Ease cushion. None in the 10 years since. That is a story!

— Shane, Verified Buyer

"Overcame stage II pressure sores!"

My husband and I were just musing –we bought my first eEase cushion maybe 20 years ago! Stage II pressure sores put me, a very active person, in bed for a year. I tried another brand that cost $7000. When I bought my $2000 Ease Cushion and found the same kind of immediate relief and joy others are reporting – I really did reclaim my life! During these last 15 to 20 years, I'ved resumed my role as a Presbyterian pastor, was an active birder, GRANDPARENTED 17 blood-and-nonblood-related grandchildren, and now 5 great grand children. You know how many wheelchair rides that means? That's the joy that ease cushion has given me.

— Marilyn, Verified Buyer

FDA registered for preventing pressure sores

Restores blood flow

Offloads pressure

Simulates lifts and shifts

Prevents skin breakdown

Redistributes weight

Ease Cushion

Massage Chair

Air/Gel Cushion

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Juli A

Thank you again for giving my life back

Before I was unable to be in my chair for more than 2 hours without feeling excruciating pain…Thank you again for giving my life back….  I can work, exercise, do art ... Things I never thought I would be able to do again


No reemergence of wounds on my ischial/coccyx

This dynamic cushion is a lifesaver. As a C5 Quadriplegic, my limited arm movement restricted offloading. With Ease cushions on my manual and power wheelchairs, I can extend my out of bed time with no reemergence of wounds on my ischial/coccyx.


Customer service is phenomenal. You can’t go wrong with Ease Cushion

I cannot say enough good things about this company. The customer service is phenomenal - the best I have ever seen! After we purchased the cushion, they were in contact with me several times to be sure we were happy with it, and to see if we had any questions. They promptly handled the minor problem we had with a battery pack. We are SO happy that we found this wonderful company. You cannot go wrong with Ease Seat Cushion!


Recommended this seat to a number of people

I found ease cushion after my last pressure sore surgery, in 2014. I had been told that air cushion's were best cushion you could find. I've been on a EASE Cushion for a minimum of 5 years. I have very few if any pressure sore problems since. I have recommended this seat to a number of people that I have come in contact with over the years.


What a great team!

It’s hard to find the words to convey how much we appreciate you always coming to our rescue. so appreciated and how grateful we are for a number one customer service. You are the best! Impressed too with the help of your technical support troubleshooting our problem. What a great team! Many many thanks


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