Ease Cushion® | Smart Seat Cushion for Lower Back Pain
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Smart Pressure Relief Device

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How can the Ease Cushion help?

Horizontal Alternating Pressure Technology (HAPT): Offloading pressure points intermittently using smart technology.

You sit all day & it hurts!

Your muscles need pressure relief

Best seat cushion for long haul truck seat. Alternating massage  seat cushion.

The smart Ease Cushion® redistributes pressure

Sit with Confidence and Comfort

Ease Cushion

Sit with Confidence and Comfort

Air Force Research on Ease Cushion shows improved relief and comfort in lower back pain.

Tested by the U.S. Air Force

HAPT technology has helped pilots, SCI patients, drivers, office chair users and reported improvement in sores, lower back pain, and sciatica and much more!

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See what our customers are saying:

The customer service is phenomenal - the best I have ever seen!..You cannot go wrong with Ease Seat Cushion!


Wonderful! I loved it! I was able to drive over eight hundred miles without feeling the ache.


I am 38-year-old, female, c4 C5 quadriplegic...post surgery...I can work, exercise, do art ... Things I never thought I would be able to do again. So, from the bottom of my heart.. thank you. I will be sharing the wonders of this cushion


The customer service is phenomenal - the best I have ever seen!..You cannot go wrong with Ease Seat Cushion!


...I was skeptical that it would really work for me...I thought I would have to take several breaks to deal with the muscle spams that happen in my back all the time... I did not get sore or tired after the 4 hour trip and for me that was awesome. If you have to sit for long periods of time I would highly suggest looking into getting one.


Frequently Asked Questions

Isn't it a massage seat?

Close but not exactly! You will not be jolted or constantly shaken. The idea is to relieve the compressed tissues due to hours of sitting. Think of pinching your finger. As you let go, the pressure is relieved and blood flow resumes. Voila! That is exactly how Ease Cushion improves your comfort, fatigue, and increases your endurance so you can continue sitting without being in pain!

What makes Ease Cushion different from other cushions?

It's not a cushion! The Ease Cushion is a pressure relief device. The Ease Cushion repeatedly offloads pressure by redistributing the weight of the user to different areas of the seat. This allows circulation to be restored as blood flows into tissues which were previously compressed.

Are you an American company?

Yes! The Ease Cushion® is proudly Designed & Assembled in USA. We even make it with 80% U.S. content sourced from Michigan, Wisconsin & other neighboring states.

What is the return policy?

We provide 30 day satisfaction guarantee. For more details click here.

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