"This ease cushion is a life changer to me."

— Terence


Say Goodbye to Pressure Sores

The best cushion for preventing pressure sores.

Less risk of bed sores

May help heal pressure sores

Redistributes weight

Increases blood flow

50% of wheelchair users will deal with pressure sores

Thousands of people are battling pressure sores. Ease helps you win that battle with HAPT technology, improving blood flow and creating movement when you can’t.

Simple to use

Just press the ON button, Ease Cushion will do the rest.


The new app allows you to easily customize your cushion’s settings, so you can create the custom solution you need.

Maximize your independence

Harness the power of HAPT technology to automatically simulate lifts and shifts.

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Air and gel cushions aren’t up to the task.

Air and gel cushions fall short in preventing pressure sores for wheelchair users due to their static design, which doesn't simulate lifts and shifts. These cushions fail to adapt to the user's body and can lead to increased pressure on sensitive areas, increasing the risk of pressure sores.

What makes Ease different

Ease is not just a cushion - it has technology built in that lifts and shifts you throughout the day. It's all automatic and customizable.

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Restores blood flow

The main factor that causes pressure sores is a lack of blood flow. Ease Cushion prevent pressure sores at the source.

Simulates lifts and shifts

Ease Cushion moves for you when you can’t. This motion prevents skin breakdown, offloads pressure, and redistributes weight.

Patented HAPT technology

Ease has patented technology you won't find in any other wheelchair cushion. It automatically adjust the pressure, lifting and shifting, so you stay comfortable and don't get pressure sores.

Ease Cushion is simple to use

You're in control of your own comfort

Customize your settings in the app.

Live your life without pressure sore pain

Ease helps existing sores heal and prevents new ones.

Be comfortable in your chair all day

Do more of what you love.

Thousands of customers love Ease