I bit the bullet and bought the Ease cushion and it gave me my life back

I bit the bullet and bought the Ease cushion and it gave me my life back

A lot of things in my life are limited. As someone in a wheelchair, I’m often having to adapt to things that would otherwise be considered “normal.” I have to be cautious about how I lay in bed because of my low mobility. I have to find accessible entryways wherever I go. And when everyone else is eager to sit down, I have to think about how I am sitting for too long. I am all too familiar with the hardships that come with prolonged immobility. 

I’m no stranger to pressure sores, one adverse effect of being confined to a wheelchair. They are painful and uncomfortable, and even when I’m cognizant of my activity levels, they still pop up. So, naturally, I was skeptical when I came across an ad for an innovative wheelchair cushion, Ease Cushion, on social media. Been there, done that. Cushions I’ve tried in the past were comfortable — at first — but failed to actually remedy pressure sores for the long haul.

Let’s talk pressure sores

If you’re in my position, then you know the struggle of pressure sores. They occur from prolonged pressure on the skin. They break the skin and can become open wounds that might lead to infection. 

My life has changed in a lot of ways since being wheelchair-bound. Not in a bad way, but just different. There are things I want to see and do, but it’s truly exhausting having to deal with the effects of prolonged sitting. Having to stay home in bed because of pressure sores is so disheartening. Pressure sores are hard to manage, tend to come back, and are just upright painful. 

For someone with low mobility, I suffer from them quite often. To prevent them, you can change positions to alleviate pressure and you can adopt mindful skincare routines. I’ve used cushions in the past to alleviate pressure, but 1) they deflate after some time and 2) they add comfort, but don’t address that I’m still sitting all the time and I still develop pressure sores. Ease Cushion is supposed to both prevent and heal pressure sores with its innovative HAPT technology, aka Horizontal Alternating Pressure Technology. I decided I would be the judge of that. 

So, though I was skeptical about the Ease Cushion, I read the reviews of people’s pressure sores healing and not coming back, of people feeling more independent and being able to do more activities. I didn’t want to let being in a wheelchair define me and what I do in my life. So I bit the bullet and ordered it. I’m not going to lie the $499 price threw me off a little, but I saw there was a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and two-year warranty so I was willing to give it a shot. 

First impressions

One of my hesitations about the Ease Cushion was how it would fit into my wheelchair and if it would be sturdy enough for me. Upon opening, I could tell my hesitations were wrong, 

Other cushions were sometimes reminiscent of pillows, which are great at providing comfort, but fail to provide support. The great thing about Ease is that they offer four sizes: small, medium, large, and XL. I chose the medium because I am small, but wanted extra room to ensure I had maximum coverage. 

When I received the Ease Cushion, my first impression was that it was sturdy and the perfect size for me. It goes beyond just a pillow and I could tell off the bat that its technology-forward features would make it a durable product different from other cushions. My first time sitting on it felt comfortable and solid and no setup was required. 

I immediately downloaded the app that partnered with the cushion because I was slightly skeptical about how efficiently the app would operate. I was pleasantly surprised by how user-friendly it was. It allows you to customize settings, whereas other cushions you had to inflate manually, and it tracks your usage patterns. I have to admit these first impressions checked a lot of boxes, but it was time for the real test. 

The real test

Usually, I’m unable to be in my chair for more than two hours without feeling pain, so though Ease seemed sturdy and comfortable, I was worried about how it would last throughout the day. But, the HAPT technology proved me wrong. 

Ease Cushion uses HAPT technology to alternate air cells. Basically the cushion moves its air around inside automatically throughout the day. The movement is enough to shift me in my chair, so my actual sitting position changed. So no one part of my body was being exposed to prolonged pressure. It enhances blood circulation to prevent pressure sores. I’ve seen similar technology in airflow mattresses in hospitals that are effective in preventing pressure sores, but I’ve never heard of it in a cushion. 

It didn’t take me long to realize how this technology was going to benefit me throughout the day. When it reached the two-hour mark, aka where I usually experience the onset of pain, I didn’t feel anything. The technology of the cushion made it feel as if I was changing positions to alleviate pressure without me having to move. Additionally, the PU foam provided all-day comfort, unlike the deflated pillow-like cushion that I’m used to. 

The cushion made existing easier during the day. Firstly, Ease did the work for me. I just pressed the button and the cushion lifted and shifted for me throughout the day. It was honestly a relief because I’m so used to exerting energy to fix my cushion. I was able to focus on enjoying my day rather than ensuring I was preventing pressure sores. I didn’t have to ask for help to shift around. I gained freedom. I can’t tell you what this means to me and my life.

With low mobility, you feel as if a lot of things are out of your control. Though Ease does the work for me, I feel totally in control. I can customize the settings in the app to have a medium-pressure approach but a higher speed of air circulation if I want. I was worried that the settings would not be consistent throughout the day, but they were. The cushion and settings were consistent and felt like I had a wave of comfort beneath me all day. 

To be honest, though I was reluctant, Ease Cushion passed the initial test. For once, I wasn’t in pain all day. 

At the end of the day

I might sound like a broken record, but I’m sick of investing in cushions and having them feel completely different by the end of the day. So, sure, Ease might provide me comfort throughout the day, but how will it hold up at the end of the day?

With it being technology-operated I was skeptical about how sustainable the battery life would be. I might be wheelchair-bound, but I’m always on the go. I decided to first use Ease when I had a busy day running errands with my mom. From the morning to night, I was on the cushion. I’m surprised to report that the cushion didn’t die at all. The battery really lasted for the full 12-hours it promises. 

Luckily, the Ease cushion is easy to maintain. It has a durable fabric that is protective against leaks and spills. One day, though, I spilled my iced coffee on it and didn’t want to risk sitting in a stain all day. I had my mom take off the cover for me and was surprised at how easy it was to wash. Sometimes you can’t be bothered with little things like that because they make day-to-day life harder, so having a cushion that is easy to maintain was an added bonus.

After the first few days, I was still happy with the Ease Cushion and found myself more motivated to take on each new day. That might sound cheesy, but it’s true. When you’re in constant pain, it’s hard to get up for the day with a good frame of mind. But, after a few days of using Ease, I had no oncoming pressure sores and honestly some of my existing ones seemed to fade. This really gave me a new outlook on life.


I had my reservations about Ease. I was worried it was not worth the money, wouldn’t be long-lasting, and wouldn’t actually help with pressure sores. But, boy was I wrong.

It’s completely worth it. Since it automatically redistributes weight and allows me to customize settings, I feel like I have my life back. I’m able to hang out with my friends for longer because I’m no longer in constant pain. I can move around more because I don’t have pressure sores that are sensitive to the touch. And finally, I’m in control. I’m able to go about my day-to-day life with freedom and motivation — and no pressure sores to worry about. 

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