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General FAQ

What makes Ease Cushion different from other cushions?

Most cushions are static. They are made from foam, gel, or air that does not move. The longer you sit on them, the more uncomfortable they become. Because it moves, many people assume the Ease Cushion is just another massage seat, but there are important differences. Massage seats use vibration or a kneading mechanism to target sore muscles. They are not comfortable to use for extended periods because they do nothing to address a different cause of pain; unrelieved pressure. The Ease Cushion repeatedly offloads pressure by redistributing the weight of the user to different areas of the seat. This allows circulation to be restored as blood flows into tissues which were previously compressed.

Why is Ease Cushion expensive?

The Ease Cushion is a high-quality medical device designed and built in the USA with as much domestically sourced material as possible. There are significant engineering, regulatory compliance, and manufacturing costs associated with bringing a product like this to market, and we refuse to compromise on quality. We stand behind our products to ensure customer satisfaction.

Why is Ease Cushion inexpensive?

Now that you know the effort and technology invested into an American company, you might wonder why the products don’t cost more. At Ease Seating Systems, we believe that more value can be created through better designs. Eliminating inefficiencies in our products and processes and selling directly to end users allows us to pass that value on to our customers.

How does the Ease Cushion®'s HAPT Technology work?

The Ease Cushion® uses HAPT technology to make your seat comfortable. Our proprietary technology creates soothing sensations and cycles air pressure beneath the user. The cycle is designed to simulate lifting the body to promote blood flow to soft tissues relieving discomfort and fatigue.

What makes Ease Cushion® unique?

Maybe you had a long day at your desk job or a lengthy commute. What you’re experiencing is built-up pressure- and this won't go away until it's removed. Generally, when someone is uncomfortable in their chair, you’ll see them constantly shift, sway, fidget, or stand. In essence, they are trying to take away the pain and discomfort by moving.

Ease Cushion® relieves pressure from your bottom through HAPT Technology.

Read our blog post about Alternating Pressure VS Massage Seats:

Where is it made?

The Ease Cushion® is proudly Designed & Assembled in USA with majority 80% U.S. content sourced in Michigan, Wisconsin & other neighboring states. The product ships from Michigan and arrives within 3-5 business days. Premium shipping available at checkout!

What is the return policy?

Ease Seating Systems, Inc provides a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. For more details click here.

Can I pay in monthly installments?

Yes! 3,6 or 12 months available at checkout!

ShopPay(Affirm) and Paypal are 3rd party services that offer affordable monthly payments at a pace you choose—usually 3, 6, or 12 months. Payment plans are available at the checkout. With Affirm, there are no late fees, service fees, prepayment fees, or any hidden fees.Your APR may be different depending on your creditworthiness. Checking your eligibility won't affect your credit. Please note that Paypal does not cover the Ease Cushion Essential.

We’re excited to partner with Affirm for monthly installments at 0% APR. Select Affirm at checkout to split your purchase into monthly payments with zero hidden fees.

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